Virginia Sports Photographer, What can be done?

You have helped them feel like a super star, We make them look like one.

Virginia Beach Sports Photography and Sports Portraits
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Virginia Beach sports photographer. action sports photography and composite photographer

We have all seen the obligatory images taken by the dugout or soccer goal

that are not lit well and don't showcase your child's ability. These images are

often times better than nothing but you know they can be better. With this knowledge

in hand you have choices that can provide beautiful images both you and your child want

to share with family and friends.

Sports Action photography will take your child's sport images and transform them into a

super star. We come to your home field and setup several image scenarios that enhance

the look of your sport. We begin by have a consultation so we can we can collaborate on

a design that will amaze. The next step is execution of our design. With the image captured the

fun begins back in the studio.

The second addition to our sports photography is an in studio composite session. We

have you come in for your consultation and we design a panel for your image. Through

brainstorming and imagination we are able to build a base for your image. We then

photograph in studio and extract you from the background and build a composite panel

that showcases you and your sport.

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