Wedding Photographer Virginia Beach

Roy Widgeon

Creating beautiful images is what I love. Interacting with people makes me smile.

My Story: 

I love being a photographer! I have been photographing for over 12 years, and every event is as exciting as the first. When I was living on the Eastern Shore growing up I would spend my time photographing the local wildlife. I had a family friend who admired my work ask if I would shoot her wedding. Once I got the taste of being paid to deliver memories I was 100% hooked. As a photographer I have traveled to many locations for weddings and portraits. These journeys opened up many opportunities to meet wonderful people and be a part of many families. 


I strive to deliver a level of service that can not be surpassed. When you put as much into what you do as I do, clients appreciate it. Many times we have been welcomed in and made to feel like family because they see how hard we work and the level of detail we put into making their events special. You can't fake caring, and if you do, people can tell.