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Top 5 Rules for Great Headshots

Rules Great Headshot

The Top 5 Rules for great headshots are what represent you and your brand when you can not physically be there. This can be either on a business card, pamphlet, web page, or billboard. The first time you are viewed potential customers view your outward appearance and form an opinion of you and your business. So how do we optimize your images potential to capture new clients and make the first impression you deserve?

The Rules

1. Be confident in who you are and your expertise in the industry you work in. If you feel the confidence it will be evident in the images. Talk about what you do and where you came from and how it sets you apart. This will build your confidence while letting your photographer know who they are photographing.

2. Relax and be open to the experience you are about to be part of. While you are in your session remember to breathe and take it all in. This should be a memorable experience that delivers images that reflect you and your personality. When you relax the spirit of your personality will show in your images.

3. Clothing decisions are very important. The decision you make will represent you and your brand. The clothing should be flattering and reflect the industry you are in and or want to be in. It is not a bad idea to purchase an outfit especially for the session or have one tailored to fit perfectly.

4. Hair and Makeup are important parts of the headshot experience. When you have a fresh hairdo and or makeover you feel your absolute best. When you allow a professional to style your hair and apply makeup you are showing you are looking for the best clients by showing your best.

5. Trust that the photographer you have chosen will do what you hired them to do. When you took the time to research photographers there was something special about that photographer’s work that made you schedule the appointment. When you arrive at the session with 1-4 checked off and trust the photographer your images will be the best they can be.

These Top 5 Rules For Great Headshots are the starting point for awesome executive portraits. These rules are not the end-all for everyone and you can make them work for you and your company. If you have any questions please give us a call and we would be more than willing to answer any questions.

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