Maternity Photography Options in Virginia

This is a special time that only happens once per child. Capture the moment now.

Virginia Beach Maternity session with a mother on the beach
Maternity photographer in Virginia with a couple on the edge of a flower field.
Maternity session on location
Best Maternity Photographer in Virginia Beach

This is a special time for you and your baby. You have been bonding over the past months

as your body creates the most miraculous gift. When you look back on this magical time in your

life you should have pictures to go with the memories. In Virginia we are blessed to have within a short

drive from Hampton Roads a plethora of potential backgrounds.

What are the options?

Location: When you think of a location for your maternity portraits we nee to take a few things

into consideration.

1: What are you looking for in an image? Is your vision a beach scene, Wilderness scene or

some sort of composite theme? Knowing the answer to this question will guide the

session in a way that will provide what you really want.

2: Safety is number one priority! If you want to have a beach themed session we need to

determine what it's going to take to make that happen. Can you walk a mile in the

summer heat? Should you walk in the snow in the middle of a field in a blowing

cross wind? If that's what you want how can we make that happen SAFELY.

Our location choices are as limitless as your imagination. When you have the ability to

add light to any scene the world is our studio.

Studio: Are you more of a private person who wants to take pictures that are inside? We

have a studio that affords you the privacy your desire while letting your creative side

show. The studio is centrally located in Hampton Roads within miles of Town Center.

Whatever your choice, you can have almost anything your heart desires.

Feel free to explore the site and see what we can do for you. We aim to be the best option for Wedding and Portrait Photography in Virginia Beach, Virginia