Composite Portraits

Composite Portraits are one of the coolest things we do at Studio 110 Photography. Taking you our of reality and creating our own world is what we love to do. It all starts with a consultation that is all about unleashing your imagination. This consultation is one of the biggest components of your finished Composite Portrait. With our consultation fresh in our minds we schedule your session. During your session we will get all of the needed images for your Composite Portrait. These portraits may seem odd when we are taking them but it is essential to getting the end result. Below you will see several different composite images we have done for clients in Virginia Beach. If you want to have a one of a kind piece please contact us today. We are located near Town Center Virginia Beach.

Composite Portrait Concepts


The rescue of a young child from a fire was the inspiration for this piece.

Small child in pajamas for composite fire rescue
Fire fighter in studio photographed for composite image
Fire fighter with flames attempting to save a child

Composite Portrait Maternity


During a maternity session we decided to set the scene for this maternity Composite. Here we have a father reaching for the mother to be as she looks down upon him.

Father in studio during a maternity composite session. reaching for his wife and unborn child in Virginia Beach
Mother during a composite Maternity Photography in Virginia Beach
Maternity composite in Virginia Beach at Studio 110 Photography

Composite Portrait Birthday

Gone Fishing

We were having a wonderful first birthday session when this little guy found a stick and wouldn't let it go. With this new toy i decided to make a nice fishing Composite for the family.

First Birthday composite image of a young boy in Virginia Beach
First Birthday portrait composite of a boy in the water with goldfish in Virginia beach